About Us

 Our Vision


At the heart of CURE MANTRA Skincare in its studio kitchen, a space that’s as vibrant and fragrant as the power packed goodies it lovingly churns out in intimate micro batches. Oils and melt-in-your-mouth butter bases vie with the crackle of walnuts in a mist of lavender, Rose and vanilla. Its where our products come to life, wrapped in the comforting and sensorial appeal of delicious food, with its textures, aromas and ingredients.
It’s where we make a personal connection, knowing that our customers will delight in their skin care ritual, inhaling, revelling and savouring the product experience, as one would a fine dessert for your skincare.


Our Cure Mantra  journey has been a very personal and emotional one. A few health setbacks in 2015 forced us to relook at my food choices and opt for organic ones instead. As I began to eat more organic, I felt better and was increasingly convinced in the difference being chemical-free could make, which included my skincare choices as well.
My search for organic skin care came up empty; either there were not many options in the market at the time, or the product claims were dodgy to say the least. I found the the term 'natural' to be a very blurred word, as the fine print on most 'natural' product labels were full of words like paraben, sulphate etc, and various chemical names I couldn't pronounce.
We decided to make my own skincare products line which is hand made and 100% natural, Vegan, Cruelty free & result based formulations so we decided to attendant few master classes and finally did our full beauty and cosmetic course from lakme beauty academy in 2017 , We attended some outstanding workshops from around the world & got our certifications in 2019. The experience was a heady one, fraught with challenges, yet when an emulsion suddenly comes together, the joy is indescribable.

Skin Care Range

We are happy and super excited to Lunch a one of kind Skin care product which is Whipped soaps, whipped scrubs,Body Butters,After bath oils and more hand made products  and sourced from the end source with Cure Mantra products are perfectly formulated and carefully extracted ensuring that they are 100% pure.

Commercialised items but rather something natural and which delivers results.Buy Organic, Naturally,

chemical free products Inspired Skin, Body & Skin Care Products From Cure Mantra Luxury Ayurveda.

Wellness Product

At CURE MANTRA, we offer 100% gold grade Natural Shilajit and pure substances at affordable prices within the reach of every customer. Introducing unique and 100% pure Shilajit & Honeyshil for the very first time in India. With several health benefits and fitness advantages. We at CURE MANTRA firmly believe that our product can enhance your lifestyles greatly, and help you achieve optimum health for your mind and your body.

Our products are the result of sourcing herbal raw materials from the Himalayan mountains, like raw shilajit, and purifying them at our GMP licensed laboratory and manufacturing unit in India. 

Shilajit is certainly a gift from the Himalayas, we're simply right here to supply it to your doorstep.

We commenced operations in Surat INDIA in 2020, and through meticulous research and thorough due diligence, we bring you Shilajit - and we couldn’t be more excited.100 % Organic & Natural Honey and Pure Himalayan Shilajit with fluvic & humic acid and other 84+ minerals.


'A must try for all shilajit lovers'